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I love to look for interesting angles and architectural oddities - the problem is most post-WWII buildings of the US are quite boring. Since I have not had the opportunity to travel to Europe since the photography bug took me, for eye-catching constructs I head to the mountains of Colorado to look for 19th and early 20th century cabins, barns, mines, mills and outhouses.

The relative poverty of rural Mexico also offers something other than standard American postwar neighborhoods and strip malls. The cities in our neighbor to the south also feature a different architectural style than most of the US. I display both of these on my Structures galleries, and look forward to hunting for more unusual and interesting buildings to post herein.

Shocking as it may be to Americans, the rest of the world doesn't have a Starbuck's facing a McDonald's on every corner, or row upon row of strip malls seling useless trinkets wherever you go. The rest of the world does things differently from the way we do. Perhaps most puzzling to Americans is the fact that citizens of other countries don't want to be like us. I like to celebrate the difference.
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