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The mountains of Colorado propelled my initial interest in photography. I wanted to capture and remember the beauty of the places I visited while hiking with my family. Hiking and camping in the foothills just west of my home in the Denver suburbs, in the mountains between Vail and Leadville, and in the rolling valleys of southern Colorado inspired me to try to create images for reminiscence and posterity. As I became more comfortable with photography and better able to frame the scene I was capturing, I found that the art itself became the focus of my efforts, and I began to plan excursions for the purpose of taking photographs, rather than as an afterthought. I got an early "fancy" digital camera, a Sony fixed-lens with better optics and more advanced features and controls than the standard point-and-shoot, and began to take more care in the composition of my photos. My interest grew, and I found myself photographing a broader range of subjects. Eventually I replaced the Sony with a Canon 10D SLR camera. My current camera is a Canon 30D.
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