Butterfly Pavilion - Westminster, CO


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The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster is a neat spot, but not easy to photograph. They keep the temperature at 85° F and the humidity at about 90 percent, which is perfect for tropical butterflies but dreadful on camera lenses, especially in the cold, dry Colorado winter. After waiting 20 minutes for the fog to clear off my camera lens and going through a full pack of lens tissue, I began to photograph some of the gorgeous butterflies found in the Pavilion. It is not as bright inside as one might expect, so I used an external flash for most of the photos in this gallery.

I deliberately kept the depth of field very shallow for most of these photos, so that the butterfly is the center of attention, with the background a minimal distraction.

To get to the Butterfly Pavilion, take CO 36 to the Church Ranch Blvd. exit and follow the signs. To minimize impedance of traffic flow on the very narrow walking paths within the Pavilion, tripods are not permitted.


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